Looking for an ALL MALE Cast.
Si Puteh and the 7 Makciks is a fairy tale set in two kampong kingdoms where there is an evil Queen who is jealous of her beautiful and fair step daughter, Si Puteh. Si Puteh plans to elope with her handsome and dashing Putera Hang, but before she manages to elope, Sergeant Sutera, faithful henchman of the evil Queen, is ordered to kill the beautiful Si Puteh.

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The following is lifted from an email I received: 
Horror comes to The Actors Studio @ Lot10. 

The Actors Studio Teater Rakyat presents The Drive, a story about three dudes going to an asylum, shit happens along the way, and it's scary. Really, it is. 

7 ensemble members required, age 16 to 38, male and female. 

Written by Jude James and directed by Ashraf Zain.

Show Details:
Date: 16th-20th November 2011
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot10

20th August 2011 (Saturday) 8pm-10pm
21st August 2011 (Sunday) 8pm-10pm, 

Studio 2, klpac.

No appointment is needed. Just come to klpac, go up to level 1 Academy, register yourself and audition. You're required to recite a contemporary monologue (2-3 minutes long) and be prepared to do some reading from the script and some improv, just for the fun of it. 

Questions? Email mohdiashraf@gmail.com


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