The following audition notice was lifted from their FB Event page:

We are conducting a casting session for featured supporting roles for a German Telemovie which is scheduled to shoot from end-September to mid-December 2010. Preferably those with acting experience.

Casting is from Monday to Friday (10am - 7pm) at Biscuit Films. Those interested please send your profile and pictures to and For enquiries, please call Jerrica or Dinesh at 03-7782 6863.

Casting will happen from now til 1st September 2010.
Casting location : Biscuit Films67 & 69 Jalan 7/132, Gasing IndahPetaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Available Roles:

1. Sutanti 10 Years Old
Of Indonesian Origin. Young girl with sympathetic nature. Pivotal role in the film.

2. Sutanti 16 Years Old
Same girl as the above but in her teenage years. Should have strong resemblance to young Sutanti or vice versa

3. Dipa Hidayat
Father of Sutanti. Aged 30-40. A charismatic, angry leader of the Indonesian resistance.

4. Bambang Hidayat
Father of Dipa and Pak. Aged about 60. A wise and good-hearted man who supports his son, Dipa in his struggle for freedom.

5. Tamor
Elegant and smart head waiter of The Metropole Bar. Aged 20 - 30. He sees everything, knows everything but stays silent in the background.

6. Dr.Ling
An elderly Chinese doctor of the hospital. Aged 50s. Always abit tired and weary. Tries his best to help but knows eventually, everyone has to die.

7. Bank Manager Ostendorp
A middle-aged man who is loyal to his bank. Principled and helpful. He's European but has lived in Asia for 25 years.

8. Driver Of Joop Boven
Well-mannered driver of a powerful man. Aged 20-30. He could come from a military background. He could be plain Caucasian or from a mixed Dutch-Indonesian parentage. Must be a good driver.

9. Thug 1 & 2
2 moneylenders who seek their profits by selling misery to others. Aged 20-30. They are strong amongst the weak and sly amongst the rich.

10. Secretary Josephine
A Dutch secretary who works at the police station. Kind-hearted and helps the leading lady find her beloved, whom she secretly fancies. This role could also be played by a well experienced Asian actress between 20-40 years old.

11. Dutch Police Officer
Middle-aged, grumpy and a busy police officer. A bit chauvinistic with a low option of everyone around him.

12. Tojo Murakami
A Japanese high-ranked officer, around 50 years old. Confident and cold-hearted.

13. Torturer
Well-trained, intelligent and cold-blooded. Aged 20-40. A sadist who enjoys his work and knows how to get results. Could either be Indonesian or European.

14. Nyi
A pregnant Indonesian female worker at the tobacco factory. Aged 20-30. Hardworker and of grateful nature.

15. Pramoedya
A supporter of the Indonesian resistance who also helps to finance weapons, etc. Rich, middle-aged Indonesian merchant who secretly hates the Dutch.

16. Head Porter
Middle aged, efficient and good-natured.

17. Police officer 1 & 2
2 Indonesian police officers

18. Traffic Warden
Good-looking, sympathetic and efficient middle-aged man. Needs to be well experienced to handle pressure as his scene involves whistle blowing, guiding traffic and acting at the same time.

19. Miss Sianturi
Neighbour of the lead actor. Elderly and pleasant Indonesian lady. Aged 60s

20. First Dutch Officer
Dutch, young, ambitious and strict. Aged 20s.

21. Chinese Female Boss of Opium Den
A disengaged lady boss who's immune to addicts and underground characters. Aged 30-40. Shrewd but observant. Has the stature of someone who manages a seedy

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