This isn't actually an audition but aspiring or practicing Actors might find this interesting. It's like an ongoing workshop that's FREE!


Read on for more details!

The DAW commences regularly every Saturday morning at 10am, and continues until 2pm.

Location: Menara Duta One Condominium,
Jalan Dutamas Raya Segambut
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The DAW is entirely free of charge.
The DAW is a regular weekly workshop supported by the SHAKESPEARE UNLEASHED PROJECT, that is OPEN to all individuals who are passionate about the art and craft of acting and for the creation of good theatre; and who are prepared to work hard whilst having fun doing what they love, is structured according to the following criteria.

• DAW is also for those who have a strong desire to develop and enhance their abilities as performing artistes, to broaden and deepen their understanding of the works of Shakespeare, and in the translating of that understanding into action on stage.

• DAW is for those who have the desire to surround themselves with like-minded people… people who love to perform and want to grow as performers and as human-beings… people who enjoy utilising every moment they can in the pursuit of excellence in their art. Whilst making money is all very nice… excellence in the craft is essential!

• DAW is effectively a gymnasium/laboratory for performers, where they can hone their existing skills, learn new skills, share ideas, and explore new territories with others; where exists the opportunity to grow as performers and as theatre-makers, to pursue the things one loves to do and to do them well.

• DAW will be led by Theatre Director Christopher Jacobs, who will define the overall objectives for each workshop, which will be largely related to, though not entirely restricted to, the task of performing Shakespeare’s works. However, participating performers will make the choices of direction and methodology in the attainment of those objectives, i.e., physical techniques, improvisation, blank-scenes, monologue work, vocal development, affective memory work, etc. Any and all are acceptable tools in enabling participants to attain the objectives whilst simultaneously taking their actor’s craft to a higher level.

• DAW will invite Specialists to lead workshops as and when the need arises and opportunity allows. No particular pedagogy, style, method, or technique is preferred, i.e., Stanislavski, Meyerhold, Chekhov, Strindberg, Decroux, Meisner, Grotowski, Commedia, Kathakali, Makyong, Chinese Opera, Noh, etc. ALL are relevant, and ALL have a place in the complete performer’s armoury.

• However, it must be borne in mind that this DAW is an adult workshop, essentially for practicising performers, or for those people who are familiar with the working-language of acting and theatre, and have a modicum of theatrical experience which would help to guarantee a certain level of skill, dedication and experience in each workshop.
This is not a censure on any individuals who do not fit this criteria, e.g., children, teenagers, hobbyists, or people who have absolutely no knowledge/experience at all with theatre and acting. The aim is to establish and sustain a certain level of professional skill, dedication and experience in the workshop.

• DAW requires no preparatory work or materials… simply arrive with your Actor’s Instrument in good working order, both physically and mentally, and prepared to enter into total creative-communion with others.

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