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180 over people in attendance. Rollin' Sixers opening the night with an acoustic performance. STOP MOTION PROJECT videos, Sharifah Amani's SANGKAR and Nadiah Hamzah's HUJAN PANAS both starring the awesome Beto Kusyairy.

It was a magical night. More than WAMM could ever hope for. And we aim to do more.

We at WAMM would like to take this oppotunity to humbly thank Beto for helping with the hook up to Nadiah and Sharifah Amani.

Of course, big thank you to Nadiah and Sharifah for agreeing to be part of the screening.

SMP, thanks. You ladies are the best!

Khai & the Rollin' Sixers, you guys rawk!

Pictures above courtesy of WAMM Contributor: Anrie Too.
Our previous Post on BUNOHAN - Click here.

The following is lifted from MalaysiaKini:

Taking its title rather appropriately from the rustic village of Bunohan, where it is set, maverick director Dain Said's latest offering is ready to set spines atingle. 

In this feature film, due to be released at the end of 2011, Dain explores the question of bloodlines through three estranged brothers—Adil the kickboxer, Ilham the hired assassin and Bakar the ambitious businessman, whose paths cross again in the rural Kelantan-Thai border. 

Never one to hog the indie film screening limelight.... we present to you our compatriot's newest session...

Filmmakers Anonymous 14

DATE: 1st April 2011 (Friday)
TIME: 8.00 PM
VENUE : Annexe Gallery @                     Central Market
Admission: FREE!!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 65 minutes (discussion with filmmakers after)

Most films have English subtitles. The screening is free. The Annexe Gallery, Central Market is located walking distance from Pasar Seni Lrt.

For synopsis of the shorts being screened, click "Read More"
Or check out the FA Blog
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WORLD'S BEST MOVIES is back again with a whole new series of old films from across the globe, presented by The Actor Studio and will be staged at indicine, klpac with the first screening on 18 April 2011 @ 8pm.

Venue: Indicine @ klpac
Time: 20:00
Entrance by donation.
Limited space available, first come first served.

Taken from their FB Event Page


1. The Go Master
Date : 18 April, Monday
Directed by: Tian Zhuangzhuang

2. Pickpocket
Date : 19 April, Tuesday
Directed by: Robert Bresson

3. Juliet of the Spirits
Date : 25 April, Monday
Directed by: Federico Fellini

4. Pather Panchali
Date : 26 April, Tuesday
Directed by: Satyajit Ray

Click read more for more about the films being screening...

In 2009, Singaporean filmmaker Sanif Olek began production on Singapore's first feature length Malay film in forty years, but production was halted due to insufficient funding. That film is Ramuan Rahsia, Sanif has already completed 65% of the film. Now he needs help to complete the remaining 35% and YOU can help!

You don't have to be rich or a multimillionaire to help either. You give what you can, as much as you can afford, with the lowest pledge at $10 Singapore Dollars.

We here at WAMM think that the idea of crowd-sourced funding is an excellent one and so we 're letting you know about!

Actually the idea of public appeal isn't new. Local short Hujan Panas, which we'll be screening at the WAMM/FUSED Screening #6 this coming Wednesday (Mar 23rd) was also funded through crowd-sourcing via Kickstarter.com.

I fell in love with Graphic Novels when someone introduced me to Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN series years ago.

And for a while, I seriously wanted to do one of my own. Even going as far as writing a fan/fiction piece on another Graphic Novel character I'm personally crazy about, "The Crow". It's now just sitting in my hard-drive waiting for the day I meet someone who says, "Hey, I love that story! And I love drawing graphic novels. Let's work together!"

Till then, let me talk about a graphic novel I've found that is - Malaysian Made.

More about this on the click!

Man...why don't I get called for casting in films like this? Action, muay thai, thriller and drama. Ah well, check it out guys! The trailer could look better but it feels like there's loads of potential here.
The following is lifted from the FB PAGE for Bunohan.

Genre:Action-drama | Aksi-drama
Studio:Apparat Sdn Bhd
Release date:2011

A kickboxer, a businessman, and an assassin. Estranged brothers fight for their lives in a dark web of deceit, regret and murder.

The following is lifted from the FB PAGE for Bunohan.

    Action-drama | Aksi-drama
    Apparat Sdn Bhd
Release date:
    A kickboxer, a businessman, and an assassin. Estranged brothers fight for their lives in a dark web of deceit, regret and murder.


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