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Liveshocks #19 is a place for writers started by writers! The next session is on 29 May at 8pm. More info after the jump.

The poster for PJLA's ‘God of Carnage’, which stated it had won the Tony Award for Best Play and Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 2009, did get me excited to see how this local production, directed by David Lim, would fare. As the opening performance of the 2nd PJLA Laugh Fest, it is the only straight play in a comedy Fest which leans towards stand-up.
WAMM: Tell us a bit more about what to expect from next week's show. (5th May 2011 Screening)

KHAI: Well, for starters there's the shorts - what I'm planning to do is try and edit them together with some fillers in between to give a bit of a low down on each one. And it's not just the short films - there'll also be one of the episodes I wrote and directed for the TV series 'Dark City', the music video for my band Rollin' Sixers' last single 'Hard Love', the trailer for EMP's upcoming theater production 'Bars and Bedrooms' of which I'm one of the directors and I'll also be announcing the latest thing I'm currently working on which I can't really talk about right now but I'll tell you this - that's the thing I'm really excited about, finally being able to let the cat out of the bag on that one. Next week will also be the first time 'Ciplak' will be available on DVD and it's gonna be packed with extras - audio commentary, deleted scenes, music vids, the works - which is totally funded by WAMM.

We'll also be doing a Q&A where I'll answer anything I possibly can - about the flicks that are showing, about The Thing That Will Be Announced, about the weird and wacky world of this industry, about the non-filmmaking stuff, whether I prefer boxers or briefs or having my junk swing in my jeans, anything. And since a lot of times local audiences in general are a bit reticent about asking questions in a public forum I'm gonna make it easier for all y'all - if you're too shy to ask me directly or if you can't make it or if you're just more comfortable using the internet to communicate, you can hit me up with your questions on twitter with the hashtag #askkhai and we'll look 'em up during the Q&A and answer them.

So yeah - it'll be a fun time and I'm totally looking forward to it.
I have a confession to make. I watch America's Next Top Model. But in my defense i just watch it for the photography sessions.

I love photographs. Be it black & white, color, post edited, graphic enhanced, analogue, or digital. A photograph is not just a snapshot (!) of a moment or an emotion, the best photos tell a story. It makes the viewer a part of the conversation by allowing interpretation and allows the audience to make up the context.

*Note: submit all photos to photos.WAMM@gmail.com and ill post them up fortnightly. Please include your name so the photos can be credited accordingly la.

Khai: "Soalan apa nie Debbie?"
WAMM: Thank God for the break from American accents--a breath of fresh air. Where did you get your English twang from? Can you speak proper Manglish if you wanted to?

Khai: Haha! I don't really know if I have an English twang, it jumps from one to the other depending on who I talk to. When I first grew up in England between 1 and 6 I've been told I had a really strong English accent, but then I came back to Malaysia and it turned to more of a TV-American accent. Then when I went back to England when I was 12 I used to get bullied for having an American accent. By the time I came back to Malaysia when I was 21, it just keeps jumping between one or the other. There was once I got to talking with a Scottish guy and he thought I was from Glasgow, which was weird. Sometimes the Manglish comes out but like I said, it depends on who I'm talking to. I remember once I was sat in a booth in a bar and the guy on my right spoke with a strong cockney accent and the guy on my left was from the States whilst the guy in front of me was local and whenever I turned from one person to the other my accent would switch.

Then my brain decided this was too much to compute and I switched to another booth.

Debbie promises to ask juicier questions the next time she gets a chance. But you can ask him yourself at the showcase on Thursday, 5th May 2011, The Actors Studio. If you're shy, you should tweet it with the hashtag #askkhai. 
Soundscape Records dan The Actors Studio mempersembahkan The Hidden Sessions, satu lagi siri gig untuk menengahkan band band indie tempatan. Info as below. Jom layan gig woot woot!

Date & Time: 13 & 14 May 2011 @ 8.30pm

Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot 10, Rooftop Level 8, Lot10 Shopping Centre

Ticket Prices:
RM30 (Centre seats – except row A and B)
RM20 (Side seats)
RM15 (On stage, row A & B – max. 50 patrons)
***Ticket prices shown are for one night only.

                                                   Line-up: Friday, 13 May
                                                   Main act - 300@9, Sphere
                                                   Supporting act – Vials

                                                   Saturday, 14 May
                                                   Main act - Akta Angkasa, Deepset
                                                   Supporting act - The Metaphor

                                                   To purchase tickets, please call or walk-in to The Actors Studio @ Lot 10   
                                                   (03-2142 2009 / 2143 2009).


WAMM: 5 years after, how do you feel about Ciplak?

KHAI: Oh, man... it's weird. I love the movie to this day, but it's weird watching it from 5 years later for a whole bunch of reasons. I look at how cheaply it's shot, especially considering how much consumer cameras and digital technology has evolved between now and then. It's weird looking at myself from 5 years ago. A lot's changed within those 5 years, a helluva lot. But at the same time, it's like watching a home movie (which a bunch of people would probably argue it's always looked like anyway). The flick is peppered with a whole bunch of my friends, some of them I don't see much anymore, some of them I've simply lost ties with. And it's also very nostalgic. The house that's in the movie no longer looks like that, it's completely renovated. And there's one scene where you can see this big, fluffy white cat in the background - that was Mommy Cat, my favorite cat who passed away last year from old age. It's things like that - little moments of nostalgia.

And sometimes I look at it and think to myself - "I got this cheap lookin' flick released in the cinemas. How lucky was I!?"

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