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Here's a little Behind-the-Scenes video from Khairil M.Bahar's latest flick : "Relationship Status"

Visit their website to find out more. 
klpac’s open-mic session for theatre, The Platform, ends it's third season run with a big bang! An unprecedented 7 (yes, SEVEN!) new plays will be presented on the last showcase of the year on July 4th, featuring new writers, new actors and new directors.

And what's more, it's absolutely FREE! Now, wouldn't you rather come watch 7 new plays and support the local performing arts than get stuck in an epic traffic jam home? Of course you would!

Date: Monday July 4th 2011
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: indicine klpac (Level 2)
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan off Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur
Price: FREE! No tickets or reservations necessary, just show up.

See you there!

FB event page: here.
The full guidelines are available on www.klpac.org.
For further enquiries, please e-mail theplatform@klpac.org

A listing of all sorts of jobs from Modelling, acting in TVC's, Ads, Events and more.

A website where you can submit your profile and list yourself online as an Actor, Model, Director etc.
Just visit our AUDITIONS page and you'll find the websites above linked on the right panel. 
The following is lifted from the FB EVENT PAGE: 


Zip up your pants and hold em tight cause this Sunday, Everything's Gonna Be Alright presents to you 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright 2.0'

Be at Maybank Bukit Bintang, 2PM 3 July and bring as much bananas as you can.

Like how we did EGBA last year, this time let's do the same, but instead of flowers, let's give out bananas.

1) Mark out EGBA 2.0 on your schedule for 2pm, 3July, Sunday
2) Buy as much bananas as you can, get the cheap, small ones (that way you can give out as much as possible, and not lug around so much)
3) Put on really colourful clothes
4) Go to Maybank at the Bukit Bintang-Jalan Sultan Ismail Intersection at 2PM.
5) Give a banana to a stranger, smile, and say 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'. Nothing more, nothing less.
6) Repeat step 4 until you run out of bananas.

Makanlah pisang untuk kesihatan.

If you haven't heard about this. Check it out! 

There are some interesting videos. "I AM A MACHA" (featured below) is one of our favourites. 

The following is lifted from the Astro website: "In honour of Malaysia’s 54th Merdeka Day, we’re giving you a chance to have your music video known to the world. Be inspired by the sounds, sights and energy of Malaysia and record an original, all-Malaysian music video. If selected, your music video will be featured on our special MyMusic Channel 318 from 31st August to 16th September 2011. So whether you play in a band or conduct a symphony, your chance to shine is now!"

Introducing "3".

3 guys playing hard rocking, powerhouse original material!
They draw their inspiration from channeling the spirit, prowess and influences of guitar greats and rock giants of the past, present and future.

"3" is about acknowledging the past masters while presenting it in today's modern context.

The following exerpt lifted from www.thescriptlab.com is quite a useful guide to writing a screenplay. I also believe that some of it's philosophies can be put into general script writing for theatre. So have a look-see: 

"There are many parts to building a screenplay. It's a mistake to think you just sit down and write one. A screenplay, like an automobile, has many components, and they must be arranged and fastened in the right places. There are thousands of parts to a car, as is the case with the construction of a screenplay. However, all of those thousands come from these ten major building blocks. Take care of these ten screenplay essentials, and you will - without a doubt - end up with a better script."

Got a script? Got a poem? Getting a start on that novel? Or do you just love writing in general? EMP invites you to share your creative work with other like-minded people in a project to gather and encourage as many writers as we can to contribute, collaborate and share their ideas!

More after the jump or on www.facebook.com/electricmindsproject

The Actor's Studio, Lot 10 at 3pm - 5pm. 2 Live Music acts and 1 awesome Indie movie. Just for RM 10 min donation. No reason to miss this! 

Click HERE for the facebook event page. 
You must must must click on the below.

And after you become completely mesmerised by Bihzhu's vocals, you must must must block your calendar for WAMM's screening of S'kali on 19 June 2011, Actor's Studio, 3.00pm to 5.30pm, cos she will be playing a couple of tunes to get everyone all warmed up.
Looking forward to the weekend,
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