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Improv is nothing new in Malaysia. We've all seen Who's Line Is It Anyway on TV. And don't we have Rashid Salleh, Ida Nerina, Harith Iskander and Adflin Shauki getting down and dirty in the Actorlympics series? Guess what? They aren't the only ones....

Hardly young upstarts, Artificially Intelligent : Improvholics Anonymous or AIIA (pronounced "AI-YA!" w gusto) for short, were last seen at klpac's Open Day this January. And now they're hoping to invade your minds again with their madcap off-the-wall humor tempered with their I-have-no-idea-what's-going-to-come-out-of-my-mouth panic.

Yes, PANIC. Because this is pure improvisation.

Just your suggestions and their wits. So go with your thinking caps on! Or off, depending on how evil you are.

They'll be staging a full-fledged show at klpac from 13th-17 July. Full details after the break.

But say you're not familiar with improv comedy or just not sure about this whole improv comedy thing, why not go for a taster session?

AI:IA will be featured for one night at FUSED at The Actor's Studios@ Lot10 next Tuesday the 14th, for only RM10!!

So if you work in town, instead of wrestling with the jam, why not drop by the Actor's Studio Lot 10 and check these guys out?

AI:IA will be showcasing new members, some new games and will be hoping to whet your appetite for more improv comedy in July.

CASTING CALL: Caucasian/Pan-Asian/Eurasian-looking males in their 20s - 30s for a TV sit-com to be shot in Singapore. Must be available Jun-Sep. Travel, accommodation & per diem will be included.

Please email photo & resume to chaelian@streamyx.com by Friday, 10 June. Shortlisted candidates will be auditioned on Saturday, 11 June in KL.
Follow them on Twitter @LoveMeButchBand . 
This music video is from one of WAMM's favourite Malaysian made Directors, Nadiah Hamzah (link to HUJAN PANAS trailer - a film we screened a while back) and is a song by one of WAMM's favourite singer, Reza Salleh (Details on his gig on 26 June HERE)! 
If you came to the Khairil M.Bahar showcase we had last month, you would know a little bit about RELATIONSHIP STATUS - his new flick, which is being filmed right now! 

Here are some exerpts from the official website: 
"Written and directed by Khairil M. Bahar (Ciplak, 15Malaysia),Relationship Status is a film that could have only been written in the 21st century.Based on the numerous options available on sites such as Facebook, Relationship Status tells the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and sometimes even ruined by social networking and the way we communicate in this day and age."

Here are some helpful links to check out about the film! http://relationshipstatusmovie.tumblr.com/ and
Relationship Status on Facebook.Too lazy to go to another site? Click below to check out some pictures lifted from their facebook page. 

WAMM's series of highlighted Malaysian Filmmakers and their works throughout 2011 continues!

Last month, WAMM had a double bill of Khairil M.Bahar screenings- CIPLAK and a collection of his short films.

This month, WAMM presents "S’kali by Perantauan Pictures"!

Screening of S’Kali. Tagline: “5 friends find love, life & destiny under the lights of KL.”

S'kali - The Movie Running Time: 90 mins
Writer/Director: Arivind Abraham
Produced by Asa’ad Entertainment & Perantauan Pictures

Click here to confirm your attendance on our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

About Perantauan Pictures (*Written by WAMM):
Founded in 2006, S’kali was their first full length feature film. Last year, they released yet another full length feature “The Joshua Tapes” (www.thejoshuatapes.com) which was screened at GSC, just like their previous film. Perantauan is made up of a bunch of humble, passionate and overall amazingly talented guys who have a penchant for making Malaysian films. WAMM loves them and so will you!

Date & Time:27 Jun @ 8:30 PM
One of the top names in the Malaysia’s acoustic scene, Reza Salleh has been called the quintessential singer-songwriter by his audience and peers alike, a title he lives up to with his personal brand of alternative acoustic folk rock. He is a central figure in Malaysia's thriving singer-songwriter circuit and is often seen in an intimate, solo acoustic format or backed by a full-piece band. His music, despite early influences by the Seattle grunge scene and the vocal stylings of African-American artists, is a diverse mix and is rarely limited by genre or tone.

His debut album, Realize, captures perfectly his musical range and adaptability with punchy rock ensembles, acoustic bossa nova tunes and epic slow-burning pieces. Equipped with baritone vocals and a penchant for writing heartfelt material, he has captured the attention of audiences young and old and is a fine example of the growing wave of quality music coming out of this region. 

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