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Today was a good day.

I found out about 2 Malaysian Made products.

1) A movie: The Joshua Tapes
2) A Graphic Novel: Smoke

I will be writing more about them soon!

Meanwhile, check out updates in MUSIC Gigs, THEATRE and EVENTS.
The city never sleeps. There are a whole bunch of updates for July & Aug 2010.

Do check out:
  • AUDITIONS: TV and Print Ad model casting sessions
  • SCREENINGS: TANDA (a play that was recorded being screened, FREE), Student Film Screenings
  • MUSIC Gigs: Junji Delfino live! (*I tell you, this woman is awesome.)
  • THEATRE: Tuah Thou & Huan Chu Thou (Big Head & Potato Head) 大头与蕃薯头
    KLPAC's  "First full Hokkien Comedy by Real Hokkien Lang!" (Performed with English subtitles)
Thanks for reading!
Event: TANDA: Video Screening + Q&A
Start Time: 24 July at 16:00
End Time: 24 July at 18:00
Where: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe
Admission FREE


Rumah Anak Teater with Projek Koken cordially invites you to attend the video screening of the stage play TANDA, which was filmed earlier this year when it was staged at PJ Live Arts.

Event: 破.像CRUSH! IT: New Era College Student Video Screening & Exhibition
Start Time: 30 July at 20:00
End Time: 01 August at 20:00
Where: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe


Graduate Student Video Screening & Exhibition

Fri 30 Jul to Sun 1 Aug | 8pm

Presented by New Era College Drama & Visuals Department

Admission Free

I received a comment from some friends that they love what WAMM is out to do but they sometimes don't know where to go or what to do once they come to the website.

Since everyone loves banners, spelling it out on the banner on where to go and what to do may be a good idea. What do you think? Too literal? Still clueless? Do leave me a comment or two and let me know what I can do to make this website buzzing!

WAMM is on twitter too! Follow @MalaysianMade and you may now write directly to me at michael@wearemalaysianmade.com .

Here are some quick links to updates on WAMM:
  • FILM NEWS : Eco Film Fest 2010 - Bigger and better! 
  • MUSIC Gigs: PAWS Fundraiser, Halfway Kings/Reza Salleh/Paolo Delfino @ NBT
    After Juliet @ KLPAC, The Reluctant Saint(Musical), Mamak Mee-Ah(Musical), Crave (T4YP production)
  • EVENTS: Art Exhibition @ The Annexe Gallery, The Annexe Central Market
Have a great week!
The following is lifted from a FB Message sent to my inbox.

"Bigger and Better" - that's how the press feels about this year's Eco Film Festival. For more updates about the fest, tune in to http://www.ecofilmfest.my/ for more information.

Article in The Star

What is Eco Film Fest?
It's all about empowering Malaysians through film, entertainment and the exhibition of green products and services. Best part of it all? It's FREE!


It's just a random Wednesday for most of you. But for WAMM, 7 JULY 2010 is indeed a special day and a milestone to take note of.

You could consider this day a rebirth for WAMM. We have taken the next step and registered the domain. No more weebly.com, now it's WeAreMalaysianMade.com . It's official.

Granted, this is more symbolic than anything else at this point. But it is a step to show that WAMM, despite it's flaws will continue to grow towards the intended goal of:

"WAMM is a website that aims to indulge in FILM, MUSIC, THEATRE and once in a while, interesting EVENTS. From the known public figures and independent directors launching big / small projects to the student doing a school project encompassing film, music and theatre - that somehow reach the WAMM team, it will be featured here."
(*As lifted from the ABOUT WAMM page.)

And who knows, with perseverance and a little ingenuity, WAMM will go above and beyond the intended goal.

Stay tuned to our FB GROUP for more updates as they come.

Soon to come in the not so distant future and in your very own country:
  • WAMM on Twitter:
    Will you follow for updates on Malaysian Made Films, Music, Theatre and Events?
  • WAMM Projects:
    • WAMM makes a movie - Join us and let's make a movie we would all be proud of!
    • WAMM workshops - WAMM will draw on Friends who are in the industry to run workshops related to FILM, MUSIC and THEATRE.
Thank you for being part of WAMM's journey. We'll be in touch.

Honest Regards,


There are loads to keep you occupied during the first couple of weeks of July 2010 and here are some of the highlights:

AUDITIONS: Diligent Actors Workshop (FREE!) / Roald Dahl Plays
FILM SCREENINGS: Mencari Kartika (Documentary)
MUSIC Gigs: Blue Wednesday at The Annexe / Moonshine at Laundry Bar
THEATRE: After Juliet (KLPAC), The Road Not Taken (TAS, Lot 10)
EVENTS: Art Exhibition at The Annexe, Central Market
WAMM updates have been happening a little slow, but better late than never right?

This is an interesting project attempting to give Malaysian Youths a platform to be heard.

Lifted from their website: www.jombangkit.org

Apa itu Bangkit?

Bangkit adalah satu-satunya album yang bersejarah kerana tiada album sepertinya yang pernah dihasilkan sebelum ini di Malaysia! Dan ANDA adalah sebahagian yang terpenting dari itu!

Ini kerana album BANGKIT mewakili ANDA – pemuda Malaysia. Lagu-lagunya ditulis OLEH pemuda, UNTUK pemuda, dan menyuarakan aspirasi pemuda di seluruh negera. Dan ANDALAH yang akan memutuskan lagu mana yang akan dimasukkan ke dalam album Bangkit!

Read more below for more info about them or visit their website yourself: www.jombangkit.org .

Event: MENCARI KARTIKA: A Documentary by Norhayati Kaprawi
Start Time: 06 July at 20:30
End Time: 06 July at 23:30
Where: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe


Film Screening

Tue 6 Jul, 8.30pm

Presented by Lensa Srikandi

Admission by donation

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