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Documentary starts off with , 
"...P.Ramlee was hailed as Asia's Charlie Chaplin..."

Was feeling a little nostalgic and came across this video. 

A Malaysian creative talent that will never be forgotten. 
Check out this little video I found! 

On behalf of the WAMM family, Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians! 

Have a good one. 
Release date : 1st December 2011
Genre : Action Comedy
A Juita Viden Media Group & Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd. Production - Juita Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

Description : 
动作导演 - 马玉成 (《风云2》,《倩女幽魂》武术指导)
Malaysia first Action Movie. A SAMPSON YUEN Production.

Action Director - YUK-SING MA ("Stormriders 2" , "A Chinese Fairy Tale" Action Choreographer)
Starring : 李国煌 Mark Lee, 杨雁雁 Yeo Yann Yann, 黄明志 NameWee, 童冰玉 Chris Tong, 李洺中 Frederick Lee, 冯推守 Sunny Pang
Directed by : 袁再显 Sampson Yuen, 李添兴 James Lee
Written By : 林文祥 Lim Boon Siang
Produced by : 袁再显 Sampson Yuen
The BMW Shorties 2011 Judges Clinic
Date : Saturday, 22 October 2011 
Time : 10:00am
Venue : Fluent Space, 50M-3, Kelana Mall, Jalan SS6/14, Kelana Jaya

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The Laugh Syndicate presents a special appearance by KUMAR hosted by Joanne Kam Poh Poh. Singapore’s ‘queen’ of fabulous, the notoriously funny, the excruciatingly sexy, the ...one and only Boom Boom Room veteran KUMAR. Rumour has it; he aims to break some ribs with acid tongue humor that will have you leaving in stitches. And to top it off, the show will be hosted by the notoriously naughty first lady of comedy and his partner in crime, Joanne Kam Poh Poh, completing the legendary duo that will twist your insides and have you laughing, crying and feeling absolutely sinful! 

DATE: 30 OCTOBER 2010 (Sunday)
TIME: 8.30 PM
VENUE: sevenatenin9, The Ascot, No 9. Jalan PinangKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
COVER: RM 50 nett (entrance only)
RM 100++ (entrance + 2 course set dinner meal)
BOOKINGS: 012-2103055 or 013-2909093

Click FB EVENT PAGE for more details. 

This was the 3rd song performed at the WAMM / FUSED Screenings #9

For their first song performed, "TRUTH BE TOLD" and pictures of what went down - click HERE

And the 2nd song, "COME AS YOU ARE / BEST OF YOU" medley - click HERE.
This was the 2nd song performed at the WAMM / FUSED Screenings #9

For their first song performed, "TRUTH BE TOLD" and pictures of what went down - click HERE
A chilled out 'make you wanna hum along' song from Mia. One of the first few people who gave me a chance to sing on a stage in public with my guitar, 'oh so many years ago'. 

Mia and gang, if you peeps ever read this, I'll never forget that. Love the song. Keep it real yo. 

Baba (Chee Hood Siong-left) & Nyonya (Kenny Chan-right)
I have just heard on Namewee's FB status update that "Baba" (Mr. Chee Hood Siong) has just passed away. 

I have yet to see any official news in other sources on this matter. 

If it is indeed true, then this is a sad piece of news. I was just reminded of some good 'ole times after watching them on Nasi Lemak 2.0 and suddenly this bad news comes up. 

May he rest in peace. 

Below is YouTube video I chanced upon only just now. 

WAMM / FUSED Screening #9 was a chilled out and awesome affair. The combination of "Kung Fu, Laksa and A Sausage Named Bob" proved to be one fun Sunday evening. As always WAMM would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to The Actor's Studio for keeping this collaboration alive, the band for coming to play live, the 2 filmmakers who graciously allowed us to screen their films and of course, YOU for coming. 

Above are some pictures of what went down, for those of you who missed out. 

Below is a video of  "Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob" performing their first song at the event, "Truth Be Told". 

Stay tuned for more videos and updates. 
(*Apologies, there are slight audio issues halfway through the Vid below. It will be rectified soon!)
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