The following is lifted from a forwarded email: 
The Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund has been created by ASTRO and Five Arts Centre to encourage and support creative work in Malaysia.  One of the main objectives of Krishen’s pioneering work was celebrating original Malaysian creativity in as varied and alternative ways as possible in all the areas of the arts. 

 His groundbreaking theatre practice straddled and brought together a wide range of contrasting spheres, producing projects that were inter-disciplinary, multicultural, multilingual and experimental.  Negotiating between academia and practice, tradition and contemporary pop culture, Hollywood and Bollywood, the mainstream and the marginalized, Krishen’s work articulated a Malaysian identity that was ever evolving and encouraged practitioners and audiences to reflect on their lives and societies. 

 This is the spirit of the Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund.

The following is lifted from the FB EVENT PAGE: 


Zip up your pants and hold em tight cause this Sunday, Everything's Gonna Be Alright presents to you 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright 2.0'

Be at Maybank Bukit Bintang, 2PM 3 July and bring as much bananas as you can.

Like how we did EGBA last year, this time let's do the same, but instead of flowers, let's give out bananas.

1) Mark out EGBA 2.0 on your schedule for 2pm, 3July, Sunday
2) Buy as much bananas as you can, get the cheap, small ones (that way you can give out as much as possible, and not lug around so much)
3) Put on really colourful clothes
4) Go to Maybank at the Bukit Bintang-Jalan Sultan Ismail Intersection at 2PM.
5) Give a banana to a stranger, smile, and say 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'. Nothing more, nothing less.
6) Repeat step 4 until you run out of bananas.

Makanlah pisang untuk kesihatan.

If you haven't heard about this. Check it out! 

There are some interesting videos. "I AM A MACHA" (featured below) is one of our favourites. 

The following is lifted from the Astro website: "In honour of Malaysia’s 54th Merdeka Day, we’re giving you a chance to have your music video known to the world. Be inspired by the sounds, sights and energy of Malaysia and record an original, all-Malaysian music video. If selected, your music video will be featured on our special MyMusic Channel 318 from 31st August to 16th September 2011. So whether you play in a band or conduct a symphony, your chance to shine is now!"

Check out www.welovejapan.my today.

The following is lifted from the website. If you want to do something, here's one thing you can do.

"Donations Make a Difference.
Compelled by the anguish and horror faced by the Japanese people recently after they were hit by a 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, Aegis Media Malaysia Sdn Bhd is attempting to do the impossible or so it seems; raise RM1 million for the Japan relief efforts through a unique platform i.e. online bidding weLovejapan.

Aegis Media has joined forces with online portal "I LOVE LABELS" whereby Malaysians over the age of 18 years are able to donate by way of buying bids online. Once registered, members will have the opportunity to bid for an item of their choice and in return donate the monies to the Japan relief fund.

Auctions start from 22 April 2011."

FFF 2011 Competition!
The three winners for this years’ annual FreedomFilmFest film proposal competition will have their films premiered at the annual human rights film festival in October 2011.

The following is lifted from the FFF website.

The KOMAS Freedom Film Festival (FFF) is the first film event of its kind in Malaysia. FFF adopts the themes encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which express our aspirations for genuine justice, peace, equality and democracy.

Through an annual film contest, workshops and screenings, FFF creates an annual showcase of outstanding films and documentaries focusing on social issues that affect ordinary people like HIV/AIDS, human rights, poverty and the environment; alternative films which, due to a lack of commercial backing and because of the tyranny of popular mainstream media, are out of the reach to most Malaysians.

Date: Thursday, 13 May 2010
Time: 00:00 - 23:30
Location: Anywhere!

The following is lifted from the FB EVENTS page:

Hey Malaysians!

Guess what? MAY 13 is coming again!! *throws confetti!* Just like each year, we are reminded of THE Peristiwa Tiga Belas Mei.

A bit boring kan?

Let's do things a bit differently this year. Instead of going to monoracial gatherings like the one happening at Gong Badak, why don't we all have multiracial gatherings instead!

The following is lifted from a FB message from Pang Khee Teik:

SUN 16 MAY is INTERNATIONAL AIDS MEMORIAL DAY, to remember those who have passed away from AIDS. PT Foundation and Ruumz have created a campaign called AIDS AWARE to collect 13,000 photos by members of the public to commemorate the number of Malaysians who have lost their lives to AIDS so far.

A selection of the photos are going to be exhibited at The Annexe Gallery from 14-16 May. The opening will be on Fri 14 May, in the evening, time to be confirmed.

You're invited to take part in this campaign by posting a photo of yourself holding an AIDS message.

Find out more info HERE now.
Visit the YGR Website and see a little snippet of how the Roundtable discussion went!

YGR, a project I am truly in love with. The more progress they make, the more excited I get.

Jump on the YGR band wagon yourself and visit the website today.

Also, stay tuned for more YGR updates as they are still CASTING for actors to be in the movie. When I know, you'll know.
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