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EMP is looking for original written material for a spoken word performance in November this year, about all things to do with love and romance, particularly poems, monologues and songs!

Never one to hog the indie film screening limelight.... we present to you our compatriot's newest session...

Filmmakers Anonymous 14

DATE: 1st April 2011 (Friday)
TIME: 8.00 PM
VENUE : Annexe Gallery @                     Central Market
Admission: FREE!!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 65 minutes (discussion with filmmakers after)

Most films have English subtitles. The screening is free. The Annexe Gallery, Central Market is located walking distance from Pasar Seni Lrt.

For synopsis of the shorts being screened, click "Read More"
Or check out the FA Blog
WAMM updates have been happening a little slow, but better late than never right?

This is an interesting project attempting to give Malaysian Youths a platform to be heard.

Lifted from their website: www.jombangkit.org

Apa itu Bangkit?

Bangkit adalah satu-satunya album yang bersejarah kerana tiada album sepertinya yang pernah dihasilkan sebelum ini di Malaysia! Dan ANDA adalah sebahagian yang terpenting dari itu!

Ini kerana album BANGKIT mewakili ANDA – pemuda Malaysia. Lagu-lagunya ditulis OLEH pemuda, UNTUK pemuda, dan menyuarakan aspirasi pemuda di seluruh negera. Dan ANDALAH yang akan memutuskan lagu mana yang akan dimasukkan ke dalam album Bangkit!

Read more below for more info about them or visit their website yourself: www.jombangkit.org .

Visit the YGR Website and see a little snippet of how the Roundtable discussion went!

YGR, a project I am truly in love with. The more progress they make, the more excited I get.

Jump on the YGR band wagon yourself and visit the website today.

Also, stay tuned for more YGR updates as they are still CASTING for actors to be in the movie. When I know, you'll know.
Casting Call for YGR! It's happening this 10th APRIL 2010, SATURDAY between 10am - 6pm.

Click HERE for the FACEBOOK Event Page and HERE to read more details about it at YGR.com .

Ladies & Gents, if you attended our 2nd Screening for the year of 2010, you would have heard Manesh Nesaratnam talk about YGR.com and how they are now close to finalising the script of YOUR MOVIE.

Check it out HERE for more details of the cast they are looking for! Because the nature of the film is a multi-layered ie 'Banyak Story lah', your chance of getting in on this film is quite good!. So attend the AUDITION or send in your own YouTube recording quick!

In fact, I got together with friend Melissa Campbell and did our own little audition video and will be submitting it too. Check it out here first!

What are you waiting for?
If you haven't checked out www.yourgrandfathersroad.com yet. Go do it now.

Here is a little of what it's all about - in a nutshell:
  • The YGR team wants to make a Malaysian movie by Malaysians for Malaysians and also the world!
  • You are as involved as the team is in making this movie because the stories will come from you (the Malaysian public).
  • When they begin shooting, you will be invited to be as involved as you want to be.
And that ends the bite sized info about YGR for you - for more details, click HERE.

Or better yet, attend their screening this coming 28 Mar 2010, Sunday @ Palate Palette from 8.30pm - 10.30pm. Click HERE to get to the FB Event page. It's FREE and aside from talking about their project, they will be screening THE INVIGILATOR, an awesome short by Manesh Nesaratnam starring Cheryl Samad, Tony Eusoff and Zahiril Adzim.

Hope to see you there!
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