WAMM will be ending the year of 2011 with a bang!

In collaboration with FUSED by the Actors Studio and PenangPAC - 
Screenings will take place in KL at The Actor's Studio, Lot 10 and also in Penang! 

by Virginia Kennedy & Juliane Block. 
Two sisters meet while shooting a kinky American reality show in Malaysia and fight because one is the Host and the other, the Censor. Kinks is a mockumentary style feature film. The movie takes a cynical but nevertheless humorous look at two inter-racial sisters who appear far from alike. Inside and outside. One is white and one is dark.
Followed by Q&A with the directors.

3pm on 10 Dec, Saturday @ TAS, Lot 10. RM 10 min donation.
8.30pm on 21 Dec, Wednesday @ PenangPAC, Stage 2. FOC

Fast, Cheap and Dirty (Indie Film) + Relationship Status (Preview)
by Khairil M. Bahar

Written and directed by Khairil M. Bahar (Ciplak, 15Malaysia), Relationship Status is a film that could have only been written in the 21st century.

Based on the numerous options available on sites such as Facebook, Relationship Status tells the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and sometimes even ruined by social networking and the way we communicate in this day and age.
3pm on 11 Dec, Sunday @ TAS, Lot 10. RM 10 min donation.
8.30pm on 14 Dec, Wednesday @ PenangPAC, Stage 2. FOC

'Once Upon a Time The Was A Sausage Named Bob’ consists of vocalist Esty Richards, Jared Lee and his brother Lee Wei Chen, Anthony JC Lam. Come see them perform live at the Fused / WAMM film screenings on October 2nd at the Actor's Studio Lot 10. Click here for more deets.

 They've been nice to answer some of our questions:

WAMM: Ok, before asking any other question, I think everyone's dying to know: how did you guys get such an off-beat name? What's the story behind it?
Jared: I'll try to explain in the simplest way possible:  4 boys and 1 girl met in college. Decide to join a battle of the bands for fun. Came up with a name which they thought was funny at a mamak in Subang. Won it and won a few more after that. Name stuck. Hahaha!

WAMM: Right, now that we've settled that, can you each introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about yourselves?
Esty: I'm the vocalist and also the youngest in the band. My passion is to make music: live, eat and breathe it. I'm a very open minded and outgoing person. I get along with everyone pretty well. Don't let my poise fool you, once you get to know me I can be very "crack". Haha! 
Jared: The Guitarist! Son of a hairstylist from Subang Jaya! :D 
JC: The drummer. Been drumming for about 5 years now. Everyone close to me would know I'm into food. Seriously, bribing me with food is an option! Umm, music is my passion, writing is my job (I'm working for a local entertainment magazine).
Chen: The Bassist, into competitive gaming.
Anthony: The other guitarist, currently doing sound for a certain company and I am a metalhead.

WAMM: We know Wei Chen and Jared are siblings, but as a group, how did you guys meet each other, and why did you guys decide to form a band?
JC: Actually, all 5 of us were from the same college, IACT. All of us, with the exception of Chen at the time, formed the band for a performing arts club at the college and our first song, This Is The Part, was written then.
Coincidentally, a battle of the bands came around the same time and, in need of another member, Jared got Chen into the band to play bass. The rest, as they say, is history!

WAMM: Tell us a bit about your music, who are your influences, and what's the song writing process like in your band?
Esty: Each of us has different influences which is a good thing. Basically it's either I come up with something and I give it to the band to try it out or the band comes up with a song and I fill in the lyrics. If one of us doesn’t like the song, we'll scratch it out; we want it to be a unanimous agreement.

WAMM: Do you guys have other jobs besides being in a band? Why do you have more than one job? Is it due to difficulties sustaining yourself as full time performers?
Chen: The boys have jobs because being in a band locally is not enough to sustain ourselves finacially speaking.
It'll be great if we can just do music as a full time job and have enough income :)

WAMM: What do you guys think is the reason for so many of our local peforming artistes to hold multiple jobs? 
Anthony: I guess it's pretty obvious because the industry here doesn't allow us to pursue it full-time, I think a big factor in this is because everyone needs to live, but that still doesn't stop us from pursuing a dream. 
The harsh reality of the industry is that you can't sustain yourself with just performing and recording. I would love to see a change, where local music is more accepted and the audience is more supportive (of local music).
JC: Unlike the US or other countries where their local music is thriving, the market for local music in Malaysia is actually pretty small. So based on that alone, making money from just music alone, as a band, is not easy.

WAMM: Do you think that that will change soon? 
Anthony: I really do hope so, if more people are receptive towards our local bands, this could change how things are. As for now, it seems rather bleak.
JC: For now, we'd better keep our daytime jobs. You know, just in case!

WAMM: Do you guys have any plans of going into performing full time? What is the dream or goal for the band?
Jared: We'd love to! That'll be the aim. Actually it's every band's dream to just do music and perform full-time. The current aim now is to open for an international act and tour in the country and outside. We hope to play at festivals outside the country for a start. :)

WAMM: Any last words of advice for aspiring creatives, especially those who have just started their own bands?
Esty: The most important thing is to know the value of chemistry in the band. Have fun writing songs and everything will fall into place. Always look for opportunities to perform and work hard!
Boys: WE AGREE! :D

Interview by Joshua Chong
The Actor's Studio, Lot 10 at 3pm - 5pm. 2 Live Music acts and 1 awesome Indie movie. Just for RM 10 min donation. No reason to miss this! 

Click HERE for the facebook event page. 
WAMM: Tell us a bit more about what to expect from next week's show. (5th May 2011 Screening)

KHAI: Well, for starters there's the shorts - what I'm planning to do is try and edit them together with some fillers in between to give a bit of a low down on each one. And it's not just the short films - there'll also be one of the episodes I wrote and directed for the TV series 'Dark City', the music video for my band Rollin' Sixers' last single 'Hard Love', the trailer for EMP's upcoming theater production 'Bars and Bedrooms' of which I'm one of the directors and I'll also be announcing the latest thing I'm currently working on which I can't really talk about right now but I'll tell you this - that's the thing I'm really excited about, finally being able to let the cat out of the bag on that one. Next week will also be the first time 'Ciplak' will be available on DVD and it's gonna be packed with extras - audio commentary, deleted scenes, music vids, the works - which is totally funded by WAMM.

We'll also be doing a Q&A where I'll answer anything I possibly can - about the flicks that are showing, about The Thing That Will Be Announced, about the weird and wacky world of this industry, about the non-filmmaking stuff, whether I prefer boxers or briefs or having my junk swing in my jeans, anything. And since a lot of times local audiences in general are a bit reticent about asking questions in a public forum I'm gonna make it easier for all y'all - if you're too shy to ask me directly or if you can't make it or if you're just more comfortable using the internet to communicate, you can hit me up with your questions on twitter with the hashtag #askkhai and we'll look 'em up during the Q&A and answer them.

So yeah - it'll be a fun time and I'm totally looking forward to it.
Khai: "Soalan apa nie Debbie?"
WAMM: Thank God for the break from American accents--a breath of fresh air. Where did you get your English twang from? Can you speak proper Manglish if you wanted to?

Khai: Haha! I don't really know if I have an English twang, it jumps from one to the other depending on who I talk to. When I first grew up in England between 1 and 6 I've been told I had a really strong English accent, but then I came back to Malaysia and it turned to more of a TV-American accent. Then when I went back to England when I was 12 I used to get bullied for having an American accent. By the time I came back to Malaysia when I was 21, it just keeps jumping between one or the other. There was once I got to talking with a Scottish guy and he thought I was from Glasgow, which was weird. Sometimes the Manglish comes out but like I said, it depends on who I'm talking to. I remember once I was sat in a booth in a bar and the guy on my right spoke with a strong cockney accent and the guy on my left was from the States whilst the guy in front of me was local and whenever I turned from one person to the other my accent would switch.

Then my brain decided this was too much to compute and I switched to another booth.

Debbie promises to ask juicier questions the next time she gets a chance. But you can ask him yourself at the showcase on Thursday, 5th May 2011, The Actors Studio. If you're shy, you should tweet it with the hashtag #askkhai. 
For the first time ever, CIPLAK on sale on DVD.
This a WAMM first.

WAMM contributed to the cost of printing the first ever CIPLAK DVD for sale with the filmmaker, Khairil M.Bahar.

And it will be on sale for the first time at our screening happening next week, 5 May 2011 at THE ACTORS STUDIO, LOT 10 Rooftop which happens to be Part 2 of the WAMM Khairil M.Bahar showcase.

Be there to buy this DVD and watch for yourself a specially put together anthology of his early works to his latest stuff plus a surprise announcement about an upcoming project.

Click HERE for more details.

(*Stay tuned for more pics.)

Super Ring, Chickadees, Twisties and Mamee, Discounted Burgers from THE BEE and free drinks to go along with the awesome CIPLAK. What more can one ask for?

I know, MORE! If you enjoyed (or missed) this screening, be sure to come for the 5th May Screening at THE ACTORS STUDIO, Lot 10 next week.
  • We'll be selling a limited edition and first ever DVD printing of CIPLAK.
  • There'll be an announcement for Khairil M.Bahar's next flick shooting in June 2011.
  • Surprise give-aways and more.
Come lah... :)
Click here for the older post about this.
WeAreMalaysianMade.com screening stuff you never get to see on local TV or the Cinema. WAMM presents a never put together before; KhairilM.Bahar showcase!

Visit the FB EVENT PAGE : 27th April now for more details.

27 April 2011 | 8.30pm | RM 10 minimum donation per entry at THE BEE.
> First 30 at the Door: Free PopCorn!
> First 20 Online Registration (by 22 Apr): Free PopCorn + Complimentary Soft Drink/House Lemonade + RM 15 burger coupon. (T&C applies)
*Email wamm@wearemalaysianmade.com with subject header: "I Nak Datang!" with an image of RM 10 transfer to special WAMM fund Maybank 1647 2605 0427.

'Ciplak’ was Khairil’s first attempt at a feature length film and was shot on a shoestring budget of only RM10,000 (RM8,500 of which was spent on the camera. The film was released by Aflam Sdn Bhd and distributed by Golden Screen Cinemas in the GSC International Screens in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

The film was very well received with a majority of positive reviews across the board. Ciplak’ won the Anugerah Skrin 2006 for ‘Best Alternative Film’.The screening will end with an up close and personal Q&A session with the man himself.

Immediately followed by:

Visit the FB EVENT page now and put down your attendance!

5 May 2011 | 8.30pm | RM 10 minimum donation per entry at The Actors Studio, Lot 10 Rooftop.
A video compilation & commentary of rare and almost impossible to get Khairil M.Bahar works.
Including : Announcement of his latest indie movie shoot coming up in June 2011
And another first  : selling his award winning debut movie "Ciplak" on DVD! | *Printing of DVD's totally fronted by the WAMM fund!
Close up & personal Q&A with the man himself.
Only available through WAMM screenings and a must see!
180 over people in attendance. Rollin' Sixers opening the night with an acoustic performance. STOP MOTION PROJECT videos, Sharifah Amani's SANGKAR and Nadiah Hamzah's HUJAN PANAS both starring the awesome Beto Kusyairy.

It was a magical night. More than WAMM could ever hope for. And we aim to do more.

We at WAMM would like to take this oppotunity to humbly thank Beto for helping with the hook up to Nadiah and Sharifah Amani.

Of course, big thank you to Nadiah and Sharifah for agreeing to be part of the screening.

SMP, thanks. You ladies are the best!

Khai & the Rollin' Sixers, you guys rawk!

Pictures above courtesy of WAMM Contributor: Anrie Too.

Never one to hog the indie film screening limelight.... we present to you our compatriot's newest session...

Filmmakers Anonymous 14

DATE: 1st April 2011 (Friday)
TIME: 8.00 PM
VENUE : Annexe Gallery @                     Central Market
Admission: FREE!!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 65 minutes (discussion with filmmakers after)

Most films have English subtitles. The screening is free. The Annexe Gallery, Central Market is located walking distance from Pasar Seni Lrt.

For synopsis of the shorts being screened, click "Read More"
Or check out the FA Blog

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