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I fell in love with Graphic Novels when someone introduced me to Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN series years ago.

And for a while, I seriously wanted to do one of my own. Even going as far as writing a fan/fiction piece on another Graphic Novel character I'm personally crazy about, "The Crow". It's now just sitting in my hard-drive waiting for the day I meet someone who says, "Hey, I love that story! And I love drawing graphic novels. Let's work together!"

Till then, let me talk about a graphic novel I've found that is - Malaysian Made.

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Synopsis 1

Michael has the ability to astral project his soul. When in his out of body form, he takes on the shape of a full human figure made of smoke. He is an estranged college graduate and must return home to reconcile with his family if he is to move on with his life, embrace his supernatural power and calling for the greater good.

Synopsis 2

It’s 2007 and England has just lost the Rugby World Cup to South Africa. The defeat causes quite a stir at the local drinking den in London. Michael, an estranged New Yorker, is caught in the midst of this and now must return home to reconcile with his family if he is to move on with his life, embrace his supernatural power and calling for the greater good. Oh yes, Michael watches people in the death of night as an anti-hero named "Smoke".

The following is lifted from the official website of SMOKE the Graphic Novel.

I (Jonathan Lim) began writing "smoke", in February of 2007, while attending the New York Film Academy.

At the moment, I works as a copywriter for a website company in Kuala Lumpur. Not much else to say about myself, except: I am a regular guy and a storyteller. Words are my primary medium, but I have delved into film directing, editting and photography.

It all started, film school, the sex the drugs the rock and roll were all by products of my endeavour to write the great americna movie. By my definition it is the story, which directly opposes American Culture. And by American culture I am of course talking about hollywood -- the main stream stuff, like Ironman and Avatar.

It had to be some sort of anti-hero story, I felt. So, I wrote "smoke". Two years after the 7th draft and long after I had given up my pursuit of the "Great American Movie", I began to re-think my entire story and concept ad decided that it was more pulp than it was Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

I guess, this comic book is the by-product of my life story. And, like Holden McNeil in "Chasing Amy", there was a girl involved and I guess I was an asshole. If you ever saw the movie, you would know that Holden, a comic book artist and publisher, made a small print run at the end as an apology letter to his lost love. This is not really that for me, but it is about reconciliation with my parents. The girl was just a catalyst, someone that sensitized me and got me thinking about the more important things.

This is my story, my life story.

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