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WAMM's series of highlighted Malaysian Filmmakers and their works throughout 2011 continues!

Last month, WAMM had a double bill of Khairil M.Bahar screenings- CIPLAK and a collection of his short films.

This month, WAMM presents "S’kali by Perantauan Pictures"!

Screening of S’Kali. Tagline: “5 friends find love, life & destiny under the lights of KL.”

S'kali - The Movie Running Time: 90 mins
Writer/Director: Arivind Abraham
Produced by Asa’ad Entertainment & Perantauan Pictures

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About Perantauan Pictures (*Written by WAMM):
Founded in 2006, S’kali was their first full length feature film. Last year, they released yet another full length feature “The Joshua Tapes” (www.thejoshuatapes.com) which was screened at GSC, just like their previous film. Perantauan is made up of a bunch of humble, passionate and overall amazingly talented guys who have a penchant for making Malaysian films. WAMM loves them and so will you!

Perantauan Pictures Website:
www.perantauanenterprise.com / www.perantauanpictures.blogspot.com 

Synopsis to S’kali:

Love Life Friendship

Can friendships survive growing up? As we mature and move on with our lives, do the ties that bind get stronger or do we drift apart as memories fade away?

Ravin, Sze Huey, Bahir, Tzao and Tehmina are five close friends who are now on the cusp of going off to university and beginning the next chapter of their lives.

Ravin is a young and idealistic filmmaker trying to come up with the definitive Malaysian movie. At the same time he finds himself falling in love with Sze, and has to deal with the reality that both their parents will not share his ideals.

Sze Huey is the quintessential modern Malaysian woman: opinionated, tough as nails and trying to make a change. For her, the pen is mightier than the sword and being with Ravin holds much promise and hope.

This young interracial couple face the prospect of having their relationship torn apart by outside forces such as their traditional parents, but slowly begin to realise that their own deeply buried prejudices may be where the true divide lies.

Bahir is an aspiring artiste attempting to break into the local music scene as something different and original. He gradually begins to develop feelings for Tehmina and despairs over her descent into alcoholism. Simultaneously, tensions arise in his relationship with his best friend Tzao as the reality of the Malaysian higher education system becomes clear.

Tzao finds himself increasingly disillusioned with a system which seems unfairly stacked against him, and the only way he feels able to vent this frustration is by taking it out on his closest friend Bahir. Witnessing the struggles of his friends as he negotiates his own, he is deeply conflicted by what he truly loves about Malaysia and the stark matters-of-fact that are driving him to leave.

For the usually cheerful and goofy Tehmina, alcohol becomes an escape route from the anger and pain she suffers as her family disintegrates. Whilst on the outside she battles to maintain a demeanour of normality, internally she is crumbling and before long the cracks begin to show.

Set against the backdrop of the ubiquitous Malaysian mamak stall, our young circle of friends face joy, confusion and conflict as they venture into the daunting world of adulthood. Will they survive love, life and friendship under the lights of KL?

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