Date: Wednesday, 19 May 2010
Time: 20:30 - 22:30
Location: Instant CAFE's HOUSE of ART and IDEAS [CHAI]
Street: 6, Jalan 6/3, Off Jalan Templer
Town/City: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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CHAI celebrates MIGRATION this season!

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The HUI (Chinese Muslims) Identity and Culture
by Rosey Wang Ma

Generally when one thinks of ‘Muslim’, what comes to mind is people from countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, certain African countries, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. For those who are savvier of this region, Muslims are represented by Malays and Indonesians.
That Islam has been present in China for more than a millennium is not a commonly known fact. It is even more surprising to many that Muslims in China number almost 50 million. Among the ten Muslim minority nationalities in China, the HUI are the Chinese looking, Chinese speaking Muslims.

Theirs is a long history of identity construction, definition, and reconstruction, until they formed and consolidated the HUI identity: A hybrid identity built on a blend of Islamic and Chinese values and traditions, the HUI present a unique culture, including arts, architecture, calligraphy, language, food, etc… that looks Chinese but a bit strange, Islamic but rather intriguing, even to other Muslims.

This presentation focuses on the hybrid culture of the Chinese Muslims beginning with a brief run through on the history of Islam in China.

Rosey Wang Ma is an independent academic researcher and writer on various aspects of Chinese Muslim communities. Of HUI parentage herself, she was raised in Pakistan and Turkey. She was a French language lecturer for more than twenty years before taking up a career in Education Counselling. She still conducts education training programmes. Her interest in Chinese Muslims has led to research, conferences, and publications on various aspects of the topics, most recently Southeast Asian Chinese and Islam (in Mandarin), paper presented at the International Symposium on Southeast Asian Chinese Culture in the Era of Globalisation, Singapore, September 2006, Hui, Ho, and New Brothers: The Chinese Muslim Diaspora in Maritime Asia. 2007, in Chinese Diaspora since Admiral Zheng He. (ed.) Leo Suryadinata. Pp. 227-245. Chinese Heritage Centre, Singapore; Vanishing Legacy: Chinese Muslims in Penang, paper presented at the Inaugural National Conference: Penang Peranakan Chinese and Chinese Muslims, Reflections and Visions, Penang, February 2008.

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