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Interactive Forum
Thu 22 Apr, 8.30pm
Presented by PopIN
Admission Free

Information needs to be free, and information wants to be free. Humanity for the longest time has had to grapple with the issue of inequality, but the underlining issue facing humanity in the current and future information economy is one of accessibility. It can be argued that accessibility is a prerequisite to equality. This is the end of the era of the singular expert - gatekeepers of knowledge; and the dawn of the generalists. The Social Ideas Challenge (SIC) aims to capitalise on the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ to inform society and policy makers on possible ways forward on issues affecting humanity. Experts are guardians of what has been, crowd-wisdom is the catalyst for what can be.
SIC aims collate the wealth of ideas generated everyday by every-day people, and to put good ideas forward to be used for the betterment of society. Indeed, it has been said that we stumble upon ideas, all the time, but most of us just pick ourselves up, dust-off and carry on. What we are left with is a huge landfill of ideas piling up behind humanity’s footprints, existing as nothing more than mere shadows of what could have been. On 22nd April, four young Malaysians will attempt to solve problems that we face everyday as Malaysians.



Full-time journalist, actor and social media advocate. He is also known as The Bangsar Boy, a reference to his fortnightly column in The Star. Niki blogs at www.nikicheong.com/blog and tweets at www.twitter.com/nikicheong

A 23-year-old college dropout, freelance graphic designer & PopIN-er. He is obsessed with typography, music, moving pictures & dystopian literature. In an affair with philosophy, paper craft & cooking. Likes going through lists from the bottom up. Dislikes ladyfingers.

Humanist, maven, comic enthusiast & libertarian. He is the Editor-in-chief for Unscientific Malaysia, a community that promotes science, rationalism & free-thought.

Graduated with a major in Film and Animation from MMU. While on a one-year hiatus from university, she participated in an art exchange programme and exhibited at the 36 Frames Project, a group photography exhibition in Bandung, Indonesia. Subsequently, she has been involved in various collaboration with artists, designers, and web developers specifically in projects that have a strong focus on the web, public debates, culture, and community. Last year, she collaborated with four friends on Box of Ideas, a crowdsourced art project which showcased 100+ ideas in a cigarette box. The project made its round in Urbanscapes, Bangun! Art Fest, Annexe’s Art for Grabs, and ARTERI’s Suitcase of Stuff @ ArtExpo Msia. She was a user interface/web designer in a consulting firm for three years before joining a team managing a new artspace in Solaris Dutamas called MAP.

More info at http://bit.ly/bW4Uq5


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