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In 2009, Singaporean filmmaker Sanif Olek began production on Singapore's first feature length Malay film in forty years, but production was halted due to insufficient funding. That film is Ramuan Rahsia, Sanif has already completed 65% of the film. Now he needs help to complete the remaining 35% and YOU can help!

You don't have to be rich or a multimillionaire to help either. You give what you can, as much as you can afford, with the lowest pledge at $10 Singapore Dollars.

We here at WAMM think that the idea of crowd-sourced funding is an excellent one and so we 're letting you know about!

Actually the idea of public appeal isn't new. Local short Hujan Panas, which we'll be screening at the WAMM/FUSED Screening #6 this coming Wednesday (Mar 23rd) was also funded through crowd-sourcing via

Here's a trailer from the available footage of Ramuan Rahsia to quip your interest... and yes, that is our very own Rahim Razali!

Check out their FB fund appeal page and their website to find out more about how YOU can be apart of this film-making experience.

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