Never one to hog the indie film screening limelight.... we present to you our compatriot's newest session...

Filmmakers Anonymous 14

DATE: 1st April 2011 (Friday)
TIME: 8.00 PM
VENUE : Annexe Gallery @                     Central Market
Admission: FREE!!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 65 minutes (discussion with filmmakers after)

Most films have English subtitles. The screening is free. The Annexe Gallery, Central Market is located walking distance from Pasar Seni Lrt.

For synopsis of the shorts being screened, click "Read More"
Or check out the FA Blog

Taken from the Filmmakers Anonymous Blog:

1. Fly Me to the Moon/20 mins/2010/colour
Ji-sung, having not been home for a long time, returns to take care of Ji-woon, his mentally-disabled brother. His brother’s autism makes it difficult for them to communicate, and it is these difficulties that Ji-sung is forced to confront.

Director's profile:
Fikri loves to drive, but doesn't have a car of his own. He doesn't mind walking, though he hates those who amble. He can read French, but can't speak it to save his life. He doesn't really want to teach, but is doing it more than he thought he might have. Oh, and he loves films.

Email him at fikri@mail.com.

2. Like Toy Dolls/4min30sec/2010/colour
Like Toy Dolls is a lament of the unwanted. As the new age population equip themselves with green technology and groundbreaking techniques for an improved quality of life, there are those who lay buried in the ground, hidden among the trash or covered up in ashes. And sadly, they will remain there to be consumed by the harsh claws of time, never to be found. Through the grime and slime we capture their few moments of grief, which almost always go unnoticed.

Directors profile:
25 years old editor Yihwen never grew up wanting to be a filmmaker. Her ideal life is working on a farm, lazing at the beach and afternoon barbies. Upon completing her Masters, she worked as an editor, assistant photographer and lecturer before settling down in Red Communications. She also found time to produce two award winning short films, notably her 'camera test shoot' Like Toy Dolls which bagged the top prize at BMW Shorties 2010 amongst other awards. She is currently working in Novista, an award winning documentary specialist production company. She is also producing her upcoming film with the BMW grant. While Yihwen just loves telling stories through films, she still hopes to go back to Australia to work on the farms some day.

3. Glorious Bastards/9 mins/2010/colour
The film revolves around 4 characters A hitman, a junkie, a gangster and a undercover cop. One thing leads to another and everyone is playing dirty to win this game of cat and mouse.

Director's profile:
Giri first got involved in the film world as a host of the internet travel show Budget Traveller. After making a few more short films such as Combat Coloured Love, and GOLF a few people spotted his talent and offered him professional jobs to direct corporate videos. Now he runs his own production company called giristudios.

4. Stop Motion Project - When does the violence begin?/7mins/2010/Colour

Stop Motion Project sets out to ask people the question, 'When does the violence begin?' on the issue of Violence Against Women with 3 stop motion animation videos.

Director's profile:
Temme Lee, Lim Kar Mern and Ong Jo-Lene were initially unaware that bouncing ideas off each other could lead to the production of birth of the Stop Motion Project. Their only credentials in filmmaking were DVDs, being friends with indie filmmakers and eagerness to give production a try. If asked to produce another stop motion animation, they would find it very difficult to decline.

5. One Night On A Train/4mins/2009/colour
Once upon a time two crazy women named Mien Ly and Davina Goh dragged a lil' emo boy wallowing in his own emo-ness named Khairil M. Bahar to Kelantan. They decided to take a 14 hour train ride. To pass the time, they decided to shoot a short film. All three came up with the story and scenes and all three took turns handling the camera when the other person would appear on-screen.

Director's profile:
Mien Ly often shoots stories with substance, posing questions to the audience and bringing up social issues. Davina's life is often a story of substance, often posing questions to passers-by and bringing up social issues. Khairil often shoots stories with no substance, posing questions to the audience such as "Where am I? What year is this?! WHO'S THE PRESIDENT?!!"

6. ANGER. Segment from the film Mother/20mins/2009/colour
Synopsis :
This is the story of a mother who unable to secure stable work decides to become a scavenger to feed her 7 children.She does her very best but does her children appreciate her effort and love her?

Director Profile:
My name is Linus Chung. I am30.
I am a director and director of photography based in Malaysia. I have directed various commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, short films and a feature film. Some of the significant moments in my life include making my animation short film demolition frog. I was also extremely blessed to working with the late Yasmin Ahmad in 2004. I acted in her film 'Sepet' and learnt so much from her. In 2005, I designed a commercial concept for the rebranding of a local brand (Pensonic). I made a feature film in 2007 which was supported by Nokia. In 2008, I independently produced a feature documentary entitled 'Mother'. I was selected to be part of 15 Malaysia in 2009, an internationally successful series of short films about my country.In 2010, I completed four short films in between the craziness that is life.

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