6th FUSED/WAMM Film Screenings:

Screenings by We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM) in collaboration with TAS, Lot 10 Rooftop presents “The First of 2011”.

Date: 23 March 2011, Wednesday
Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: TAS, Lot 10 Rooftop
Price: Entry by RM10 donation

. SANGKAR by Sharifah Amani
*Featuring: Sharifah Amani & Beto Kusyairy
. Rollin’ Sixers' New Music Video

. HUJAN PANAS by Nadiah Hamzah

Rundown of the day & Shorts Screened:
 8.00pm – 8.30pm   :       
Your arrival
8.30pm – 8.50pm  :
 .    Special performance by Rollin' Sixers    (10 mins)
 .    Screening of Rollin’ Sixers' new Music Video    (5 mins)
8.50pm – 9.35pm  : Screening of -
.         STOP MOTION PROJECT Videos             (5 mins)
.         SANGKAR by Sharifah Amani                 (20 mins)
*Featuring: Sharifah Amani & Beto Kusyairy
.         HUJAN PANAS by Nadiah Hamzah         (18 mins)
*Featuring: Beto Kusyairy
.         TOTAL Estimated Run Time                   58 mins
9.40pm – 10.00pm         :
Q&A with Directors, Cast & Crew for films screened that night.             Details:
    ackground: www.stopmotionproject.org
    Excerpt from website -
    The mission of STOP MOTION PROJECT is to empower and support organisations and individuals in and through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose of ending violence against women (VAW).

    The three-part video campaign STOP MOTION PROJECT – When does the violence begin? aims to encourage discussion and promote awareness on violence against women through creative storytelling and the use of stop-motion animation.
    Running by the tagline, “When does the violence begin?”, STOP MOTION PROJECT aims to highlight the different forms of VAW happening in the current realities of Malaysian women and enable society to identify situations which are considered violence against women – whether as the afflicted, the potential violator, and/or a bystander.

    Who’s behind SMP?
    Temme Lee, Ong Jo-Lene, Lim Kar Mern & Michelle Tam

    Come watch all 3 videos and more importantly, meet the team and find out more about the project!

  • Rollin’ Sixers Music Video
    Be one of the first members of the public to watch a brand spanking new video from Khairil M.Bahar’s band, Rollin’ Sixers – one of WAMM’s favourite Malaysian Directors and also happens to be Editor and Sound Designer and MUsic Composer for Stop Motion Project.

    It’s a doozy!

  • SANGKAR by Sharifah Amani
    SANGKAR is a product of the HerStory Malaysia Film Project 2010 which was a campaign that involved collecting stories about love, sex, and desire from Malaysian women, with an emphasis on diversity and personal experiences of falling in – and out – of love in a distinctly Malaysian context. The campaign produced 5 films and SANGKAR is one of them.
    .         Synopsis:
    SANGKAR tells the story of a young girl, played by Sharifah herself, who falls in love with a schoolmate and eventually makes the ultimate sacrifice to marry into his family. It is a simple tale of things unspoken, but in Sharifah’s hands the film is given a clever narrative that twists the past and the present together to culminate in an almost shocking climax.

    .      Director’sProfile:                                                                                
    Sharifah Amani is an award-winning actress best known for playing the title role in Yasmin Ahmad's Orked trilogy (Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin). Other film credits include Muallaf, Cinta, Gol & Gincu, Puaka Tebing Biru, Selamat Pagi Cinta, Sayang You Can Dance, CicakMan 2, Magika, and Papadom. Apart from playing Ophelia on stage, in a local Malay-language production of Hmalet, she has also appeared in TV shows Gol & Gincu, Sindarela, Emil Emilda, Antara Garisan, and Rona Roni Makaroni. Sharifah also has backstage credits to her name, both as 3rd Assistant Director (Talentime) and as Assistant Stunt Director (Merong Mahawangsa). Going forward, she harbours hopes of directing her own film, doing stand-up, and launching a clothing line.
    .         WRITTEN by Susan Bansin.
  • HUJAN PANAS by Nadiah Hamzah
    .         Synopsis:                                                                        
    For the longest time, Zaki has dreamed about coming to America. He enrolls himself in a business course and finds himself in New York City – in an apartment with two illegal Indonesian immigrants; Ferdy and Mira, in Flushing, Queens.
As he grapples with the harsh reality of living in the city, he finds himself slowly attracted to Mira. She helps him realize the possibilities of starting life anew –  possibilities that are threatened by an impending marriage and his awaited return to Malaysia.

.         Director’s Profile:                                                                                 Nadiah Hamzah is a Malaysian filmmaker who has written and directed more than four short films; and worked as a cinematographer on 10 others. Most recently, she completed the graduate film program at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

In 2010, she was awarded a competitive department fellowship, and interned on the upcoming HBO documentary If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise directed by Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee. Her last short film, Sub Rosa (HD/Color/2009) is also currently traveling the festival circuit.

Hujan Panas (Afternoon Rain), her MFA thesis film, revolves around a Malaysian man who finds himself yearning for the comforts of all things familiar when he tries to live the American Dream in New York City, and is currently in post-production.

She was living in Brooklyn, New York but is now back in Malaysia to tell more stories of love, life and humanity, especially those that transcend cultural barriers and celebrate the racial diversity of her country.       

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