Screenings by We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM) in collaboration with TAS, Lot 10 Rooftop presents “Emo-Thursday”.

Date:           24 JUNE 2010, Thursday
Time:           8.30pm – 10.30pm
Venue:         TAS, Lot 10 Rooftop
Entry:          RM 10 minimum donation

8.30pm – 10.00pm  :
TRUST by Virginia Kennedy         (20mins 19secs)
MOVING ON by Michael Chen      (22mins)

TEDDY & I by Zahir Omar            (12mins 27secs)
72 by Law Gwo Yunn                   (9mins 42secs)

10.00pm – 10.30pm         :
Q&A with Directors, Cast & Crew for films screened that night.

More details below ...

• TRUST by Virginia Kennedy
. Director’s Profile:
Virginia Kennedy, started writing scripts four years ago as an escape from advertising. After directing many award winning music video's and commercial's for over ten years, she decided to make films longer than 30 seconds. Originally a special effects animator and designer from Australia, she moved to Malaysia to get some tropical warmth. “I'll Trust this January” is her third narrative film.

. Synopsis:
In one night you can find out so much. About yourself. About your partner. You can find out they have cheated and you can find out what it is like to cheat. Sometimes cheating does mean nothing. And sometimes it doesn't. Hanna finds out the bitter truth about love, cheating and revenge in this intimate road movie about love.

• MOVING ON by Michael Chen
. Director’s Profile:
Founder of WAMM (www.WeAreMalaysianMade.weebly.com). Actor. Singer/Songwriter. Kickboxing Instructor. And dreams of finding his place in the world one day. MOVING ON is his first short film which he wrote, directed and produced.
. Synopsis:
MOVING ON follows a girl (played by Davina Goh) who seems to be going somewhere to find someone. Along the way, she is persuaded by her friend to forget about it and then encouraged by a mysterious stranger. While all this is happening, a Narrator talks about the first girl he fell in love with. This film is about love. It’s about life. It’s about moving on.

• TEDDY & I by Zahir Omar
. Director’s Profile:
Zahir Omar is the 2006/2007 BMW Shorties winner. TEDDY & I is the short film he made using the money he won.
. Synopsis:
TEDDY & I revolves around a young boy from a dysfunctional family growing up in the slums of Malaysia. His mother is a prostitute and her boyfriend a drug addict. Yet he was loved by his mother in her own way and never physically abused. The film follows a boy as he escapes his reality by playing with his teddy bear, which evolved into his imaginary friend, a manifestation of his inner voice. But will this inner voice nurture or destroy his innocence?

• 7 Squared by Law Gwo Yunn
. Director’s Profile:
Law Gwo Yunn is a 2008 / 2009 BMW Shorties top 10 finalist with this film, 7 Squared.
. Synopsis:
It’s a rainy day and we follow a girl who takes advantage of this special day. *This is a 1-take wonder!

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