Albeit a bit late, but if you wanna rock out like a rock star with one of the hottest rising stars on the Malaysian music scene, as well as be in their new music video!! quickly follow @CarCrashHearts_ on Twitter to find out how to win tickets!!

Article that follows lifted from JunkOnline:

And partying like a rockstar is exactly what's on the agenda when Heineken Green Space meets Car Crash Hearts to shoot a music video for their song, 'Just A Face In The Crowd'!

The song, which eschews everyday routine for a chance to shine, being a rockstar instead of just 'a face in the crowd', will be made into a music video courtesy of Heineken Green Space, which invites the public to present a concept to the organisers, and if chosen will then be made into a party/event for the chosen and 100 of their closest friends. Previous Green Space alumni include indie electro DJs Twilight Actiongirl and The Breakfast Club.

This party-cum-video shoot will feature some never-seen-before events, like indie karaoke, where audience members are invited to participate in a live band karaoke featuring some of best musicians in Malaysian indie to belt out songs from Nirvana, Hole, or Matt Bellamy, to name a few. It'll also include video karaoke booths for the stage shy. giving everyone a chance to appear in the video.

There'll also be live bands and DJs performing that night, with Car Crash Hearts soon to be leaking the full lineup at their website and Facebook Page. Current indie favourites Rosevelt have already been hinting at an appearance, and surely more of Car Crash Hearts' friends will showing up to make this a video shoot to remember.

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