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Electric Minds Project has been a round for while now but is still a relatively new company. Most of their shows are in all honesty a mixed bag of their own devices. But for whatever they lack in experience, they make up with in pure unbridled enthusiasm.

EMP frequently runs a reading session called LiveShocks, where writers of any kind are invited to bring in their works to be read by actors and each reading is followed by a Q&A.

From their FB Page:
    "The Electric Minds Project (EMP) is dedicated to giving new writers, directors     and actors and opportunity to come together and express themselves, be it     on the stage, in film or in music.

    Far from just a platform, we invite anyone with the heart, the will and the love     for the performing arts into what we hope will be an ever-growing family of         performing artists and enthusiasts for a long time to come."

EMP has also gone through some restructuring in recent times, so here's to looking forward to what they have to offer in 2011.

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