Taming of the Shrew Waltzes into Town, Bollywood Style!
Multi-talented cast, witty script and original toe-tapping songs set to enthrall audiences of all ages    
The following is lifted from the Taming of the Shrew: A Bollywood Cabaret blog:

Kuala Lumpur, 28 April 2010:
 It’s official, Shakespeare can be enjoyed. Well, maybe, but with a twist. Consider Shakespeare played in a very different genre, Bollywood if you would, and think how the strong storyline, subtle but relevant societal messages, and great humour can be merged with singing and dancing.

Yes people we have it; Taming of the Shrew, a Bollywood-inspired cabaret, is in town, and ready to give you a jaw-dropping evening of entertainment!
With a cast and crew pulled together from some of Malaysia’s finest local theatre talent, Taming of the Shrew has stayed true to the story backbone, but has been localised for the first time ever. It is colourful, larger than life, imaginative and a little wacky to boot.

Taming of the Shrew, a Bollywood Cabaret, depicts the courtship of Petruchio, an Indian Prince who needs money and likes challenges, and Katherine, a tough and headstrong “shrew” who runs her successful, Chinese family’s money-lending business. Initially unwilling, Katherine is eventually won over by Petruchio through a series of psychological torments, until finally, Katherine becomes the obedient bride. Central to the plot is the competition between the suitors to Katherine’s talented and beautiful sister, Bianca, who is certainly able to woo the men. But, their mother Betty insists that Bianca cannot marry until such time that Katherine is wed, an unlikely result early on. Without revealing too much of the plot, lets just say there are a variety of surprise twists which, true to the Shakespearean origins, make for great entertainment, and a bit of personal contemplation too.

Taming of the Shew has been adapted for this Bollywood performance by writer Gavin Yap. He has craftfully rewritten the story, removing some characters, and adding others, to firmly tell the tale with a spark. “Even though this is a comedy, I do want to play around with different genres to make the show funny, crazy, surreal and demented as we can get away with” says Yap, a veteran writer.

Actors Joanne Kam and Aanantha take the lead roles of Katherine and Petruchio respectively. Aanantha, known for creating waves of change in the entertainment industry felt drawn to this “quirky and fun, yet somewhat serious performance”. Joanne Kam, also known for her risqué performances, wanted to lend some volatility to Katherine, and show that although strong women can be ‘tamed’, they still remain steadfast and confident, all embedded with good humour.

Kam is also co-producer of the show, along with established producers Meggie Teoh and Angie Teoh (no relation). Meggie added “it’s great to be able to participate in something fresh, different, and unexpected.”

Taking Shakespeare and turning it Bollywood cabaret looked impossible, but has turned out to be a great experience; and certainly a whole lot of fun for all involved. Still a challenge though”. These sentiments were echoed by Angie Teoh, who added “there’s always a risk trying something this different, but the audience will love it, and they will definitely relate to it”.

For more updates about the show, check out the FB EVENTS Page.

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