Wish you could act but never got called for auditions? Wrote a script but never knew how to get it staged? Wondered how to prove yourself as a director and enrich your theater experience?

The Platform is the ongoing KLPAC initiative that provides a safe and conducive stage for Malaysian talent and original material to shine. Now in its 3rd Season, The Platform is open to new talent taking their first steps into Theatre, as well as established veterans wishing to explore outside their comfort zones.

From February to July 2011, The Platform will take place on the first Monday of every month at 8.30pm, in the Indicine studio of KLPAC. Each night will culminate in a Q&A session to give the audience a chance to find out more about the performances.

Platform Dates for 2011 are -
Feb 7/ March 7 / April 4 / May 2 / June 6 / July 4 @ the Indicine KLPac at 8.30pm.

Submit scripts/descriptions with details of team members to theplatform@klpac.org

Find out more on Facebook at The Platform @ KLPAC page or by emailing theplatform@klpac.org!

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