This is not a listing of an event per se. But more of a chance to be part of the event.

Are you an ARTIST? (DEADLINE 31 JULY 2010)

How to participate?

Each artist/group will be given a space of approximately 5 meters. Medium can be anything from drawings to paintings to photography to sculpture to installation (just make sure it can fit in the lift or through the stairs). But you are encouraged to use lines, or any interpretation of lines.

Artist/group will be selected based on proposal. So please include:
1. Description of premise of works to be submitted, and why it is relevant to the theme / artist's statement,
2. Description of physical nature of work, ie. size, quantity, medium, etc.
3. Brief biodata of artist

Please email to: with the heading "Deadlines Exhibition".

Inevitably, the deadline for proposal submission is 31 July.

Check out the details below.
DEADLINES: Art Exhibition presented by The Annexe Gallery

The pressures of modern life can be summed up in the potent word “deadline”. Everyday we set for ourselves deadlines for a multitude of things, from work assignments to life’s ambitions. These deadlines, plotted out on calendars, stand as imaginary markers in our lives – points in time and space when we project an end to various plans, so we can complete some projects and begin others.

There is one deadline, however, that none of us can escape from no matter how much we procrastinate, and that is our mortality. It approaches with every breath we draw, as days and nights blur into a lifetime of neuroses, hopes, fears and ambitions. Death is the ultimate deadline. All our endless deadlines seem an attempt to avert this final one.

So as artists, we work for the chance of leaving behind a body of work by which we can be remembered, thus achieving immortality. We dream of the day we are free to create our magnum opus, if only we have enough time, enough money, enough love. Meanwhile, we slave away at projects that enable us to survive, dealing with one inconsequential deadline after another, wondering if we might miss our chance to achieve our dream.

This exhibition examines the idea of the “deadline” in its many forms. It can be the thrill of panic that comes from approaching the inevitable. It can be about facing the tyranny of the deadline that limits total freedom. It can be about the line and its death in art. It can be about the opportunities missed while pursuing deadlines. Or it can be about how we want to be remembered. What are your lines, dead or undead?

The Annexe Gallery present the final segment of our Line Trilogy (beginning with Out Of Line (2008), Between The Lines (2009)) with Deadlines. We welcome all artists to submit a proposal of what they would like to contribute to this exhibition. It will take place from 22 Sep to 3 Oct at The Annexe Gallery.

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