The following is lifted from an email I received: 
Horror comes to The Actors Studio @ Lot10. 

The Actors Studio Teater Rakyat presents The Drive, a story about three dudes going to an asylum, shit happens along the way, and it's scary. Really, it is. 

7 ensemble members required, age 16 to 38, male and female. 

Written by Jude James and directed by Ashraf Zain.

Show Details:
Date: 16th-20th November 2011
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot10

20th August 2011 (Saturday) 8pm-10pm
21st August 2011 (Sunday) 8pm-10pm, 

Studio 2, klpac.

No appointment is needed. Just come to klpac, go up to level 1 Academy, register yourself and audition. You're required to recite a contemporary monologue (2-3 minutes long) and be prepared to do some reading from the script and some improv, just for the fun of it. 

Questions? Email mohdiashraf@gmail.com


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