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The winners for this year's BMW Shorties will be announced soon at their gala premiere this Thursday 8th December and you can still check out the finalists' shorts on line at their site so if you haven't already, what are you waiting for? Just click here!

Top Ten Finalists
Come Home by Liew Onn Wah Arthur is an atmospheric journey about a man seeking redemption from his troubled past. His encounter with a mysterious character results in his realisation to break free and enjoy the finer things in life.

Short & Sweet by Balachandran S.K. Sivalingam is a romantic comedy that revolves around a charming young man who has a hard time expressing his feelings to the love of his life due to his height. When all seems lost, his house-mate and best friend, a self-proclaimed playboy named Santana, comes to the rescue.

The Long Distance Relationship by Jared Lee Wei Sheong is a heart-wrenching love story that revolves around a young man who struggles to move on after the death of his girlfriend. He soon discovers messages left by his late girlfriend to help ease his pain and start a new life.

Guang by Quek Shio Chuan is about a boy with autism and attention deficiency disorder who struggles with social interaction and has difficulty performing day-to-day obligations. But he also has a secret passion.

The Scientist by Ng Ken Kin is about a lonely scientist who is engrossed in his job. In order to keep his lab operating in a resource-exhausted world, he scavenges in the open for any junk parts and modifies them into useful elements.

Lepas by Muhammad Hidayatullah is about a single mother, who is reminded by her young daughter of her long forgotten tragic past. She realises that she never really moved on from what happened.

How To Write ‘I Love You’ by Tan Ce Ding revolves around Zheng Feng, a young man who puts up illegal posters for a living and always takes his girlfriend for granted.

The Stolen Happiness by Loh Kar Sang is about Wei who was born in a rich family, and has everything he needs but happiness. His encounter with a scavenger’s daughter changes his perspective about life.

Let The Plastic Fly by Moh Chee Loong tells a story about how to discover joy through the virtue of simplicity. Many people experience a phase when their lives become routine and dull. They lose their sense of meaning and direction and there is a lack of purpose that permeates their very being. They eventually get tired of feeling emotionless and seek out ways to break the numbing cycle.

Breathe by Tan Hyon-Lè is a dark psychological thriller about Mark, a man plagued by the events leading to the loss of a loved one. Consumed by rage and sorrow, Mark takes it upon himself to track down the person responsible. His journey to find closure is complicated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger.

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