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A Sausage Named Bob at the WOWLOUD Launch
Launched in mid-October, WOWLOUD is touted to be Asia's first cloud music service that is set to revolutionise the way music is available to the masses. While there are already existing web-based music streaming sites and applications, most of those are not available locally (or legally). 

“It is undoubtedly obvious that the internet has changed the way people consume music and this is an exciting step for us being at the forefront of delivering that change with the launch of WOWLOUD. We want to offer WOWLOUD users access to all the music around the world. Hence, we work with all the major music labels as well as the independent music labels to get your music out there onto the WOWLOUD service,” commented Chung Jaan Hao, CEO of MNC at the launch of WOWLOUD.

WOWLOUD is unique in that is has licensing agreements with Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music and One Stop Music, four of the biggest players in the music industry, which offers it users access to a myriad of songs from new pops hits to hard-to-find old favourites, with new songs added each week.

The service currently offers two options: WOWLOUD Free or Premium. WOWLOUD Free is a free, advertising-supported plan that gives users instant access to the full collection of songs for up to 20 hours a month. At the moment, access is by invitation (which can be requested via wowloud.com) and later on to be  made available via selected sponsorship partners’ websites. WOWLOUD's premium service can be activated immediately, offers unlimited access at an enhanced sound quality and is uninterrupted by advertisements.

At the launch, which showcased a number of local singers and bands, WAMM had the opportunity to try out WOWLOUD. Our initial impressions are that its interface is cleanly designed and easy to use, and the selection of music is wide enough to satisfy the majority of music lovers. At the moment is only accessible to users from their personal computers. However the mobile version of WOWLOUD is already in the pipeline. MNC Wireless is already working on the Premium+ plan which will make WOWLOUD available to users on smartphone devices and subsequently tablet devices. 

Request for an invite from wowloud.com now to experience it for yourself!

Listen in on our very first WAMMcast where we talk about BUNOHAN if you haven't heard about it. 

The following is lifted from an email update: 

Kami ingin memaklumkan bahawa pelakon-pelakon dan pengarah filem BUNOHAN akan membuat penampilan khas di majlis pelancaran pameran fotografi RADZI AZIZ dan ISKANDAR IBRAHIM.
Justeru itu, kami ingin menjemput pihak media untuk datang membuat liputan mengenai pelancarannya.

Butir-butir pelancaran buku:

Tarikh             : 24 September 2011 (Sabtu)
Tempat           : DotLife, Wangsa Avenue 9, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, Wangsa Maju, 53300 KUALA LUMPUR
Masa               : 12.00 - 1.00 tengahari

Previous posts for RockAway Festival here : 1st post and 2nd post.
The Artistic Exchange is a one off show that would feature an international act from the region. By having such a show, we are able to promote Malaysian talents to our guest as well as garner exposure for our guests that will showcase their style and culture to our audience. The Show would feature 4 acts with a 30min slot each.

Date: 17th August 2011
Time: 9pm to 12midnight
Location: Ecoba Restaurant & Bar
B-G-02, Level 1, Menara Bata (Tower B) PJ Trade Centre, Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ 03-7710-1118

Supporting acts:

Ray Cheong
Az Samad

Featured Act: Noughts and Exes

One of Time Magazine's "5 Bands to Watch For in 2011"

Timeout 2010 Records of the Year

“An exquisite album reminiscent of Elliott Smith and Damien Rice, with subtle shades of Arcade Fire” - Time Magazine

"There's little doubt that Noughts And Exes are one of Hong Kong's most promising acts" - Time Out Magazine

“It's like Sufjan Stevens, Postal Service, and talent got together and had a kid” – BestNewBands.com

“Deliciously out of step with current trends. Noughts & Exes fashion highly crafted folk pop” - South China Morning Post

"[Noughts And Exes'] songs are filled with warm, rounded layers of multi-instrumental colour, rich harmonies, and vocal lines that regularly threaten to float away into the stratosphere. - Time Out Magazine

“Noughts And Exes, the indie band making waves in Hong Kong … strive for quality in every note they produce. This musical talent lends itself to some stunning tracks” – The Underground

Noughts and Exes are an indie folk pop band based in Hong Kong. With an international line-up of musicians, a mish-mash of inspiration and creative instrumentation, the band has become one of the most unique sounds in the city, earning a strong reputation and cult following.

In the short span of time since the band reformed in mid-2009 with a fresh sound, Noughts and Exes have consistently impressed with their live shows which includes high-profile slots playing alongside internationally acclaimed acts Handsome Furs, Wax Tailor, The Teenagers and CocoRosie.

The band’s first album “Act One, Scene One” (2007) was a truly independent affair, a move that was to become a trademark. Everything from the album art to the merchandise to the music video for ‘A Minor To Major’ – which received MTV airplay in the US and Canada and directed by frontman Joshua Wong – was conceptualized and created by band members. This DIY approach continues to permeate all that the band undertakes.

In November 2010, the band independently released their second album, ‘The Start Of Us’. Produced by the band and Dutch producer, Martijn Groeneveld of “Mailmen Studios”, the album was recorded in Hong Kong and mixed in the Netherlands. It sees Noughts and Exes come into its own with a more mature and intricate sound refined on stages across Asia. ‘The Start Of Us’ features the band’s complex combination of harmonies, keyboards, melodicas, glockenspiels, whistles and cello, as well as the catchy and distinct vocal melodies which have carried the songs into the hearts of their listeners.

'The Start Of Us' was met with great critical acclaim, securing a slot in Time Out Magazine’s '2010 Records of the Year’ and an exciting selection by Time Magazine as one of the '5 New Bands To Watch For in 2011'.

Art, music, visuals and performance are all integral to the Noughts and Exes vision, and the band aims to bring that vision to the world stage in a way never before seen by a Hong Kong band. The band is working on new videos and also a unique project which aims to explore the story-telling aspect of their music in a compelling way.

Debut music video for title track ‘The Start Of Us’ online now. Second video coming soon.
Check out www.noughtsandexes.com for the latest!

Noughts & Exes are: Joshua Wong, Gideon So, Kerrie-Anne Butler, Winnie Lau and Alex Bedwell.

8 Oct 2011
It´s bigger. It´s better. Rockaway is back!

Presented by Livescape and a partnership with One Buck Short & Friends, this 12-hour rock music festival is a showcase of local and international acts, celebrating music and all things rock!

The biggest rock festival, the first of its kind in Malaysia, is committed to highlight the best of both local and international scene. Rockaway 2011 will feature international headliners, Sum 41 and Dashboard Confessional together with our homegrown heroes including :

Massacre Conspiracy (http://www.myspace.com/massacreconspiracy)
Deja Voodoo Spells (http://www.myspace.com/dejavoodoospellsband)
Pop Shuvit w/ Project E.A.R (http://popshuvitmusic.com/wordpress/)
Kyoto Protocol (http://www.kyotoprotocolband.com/)
They Will Kill Us All
Love Me Butch

Opening acts:
Dichi Michi
Oh Centaku
Tres Empre

Rockaway is a platform for homegrown talents to showcase new materials and will be given the opportunity to extend their reach to a wider audience as they play alongside an exciting lineup. The success of the first Rockaway attracted a crowd of more than 10,000 festival-goers and 300,000 unique views online, streaming the show LIVE via Rockaway’s official website.

Get yourself ready and be a part of the Rockaway experience. High-energy live performances await you on the 8th October 2011.

Be sure to log on to www.rockawayfest.com & www.livescape.asia for frequent updates on bands and lineup to one of the most highly anticipated music festivals of the year.

A sharing session between Malaysian and Singaporean film directors in conjunction with CausewayExchange 2011 (A Singapore-Malaysia arts collaboration)

This session will be moderated by Amir Muhammad. On the panel we have several upcoming independent filmmakers. They will be showcasing a 5-min show reel of their works after which a discussion will ensue. 

“CausewayExchange holds the vision of a future that forms a closer relationship between the next generation of Singaporeans and Malaysians through a holistic and reciprocal arts and culture based programme. We were encouraged by the response from CausewayExchange 2010 and we envision this initiative to be one where the relationship between the two countries is strengthened through collaboration and dialogue that takes place through the arts,” says Lyndon Yeo, Director of ACES.
It's that time of the year when there are plenty of summer music festivals around europe and the US. but the spill over effect is pretty apparent here in Malaysia as well. I've noticed quite a few local events building around the festival hype. One of the biggest is Urbanscapes of course, its a one full day extravagansa of all things music,arts, fashion and whatever else.

The line up this year is rather interesting I must say - 

  • Azlan and the Typewriters, 
  • They Will Kill Us All, 
  • Busco, 
  • Khottal, 
  • Kyoto Protocol
Of course there was also a competition by main sponsors TM to allow gig goers to vote newer bands in. All in all, it should be a good day for music. However sadly, this writer has chosen to go watch the Lliverpool vs Malaysian 11 at Bukit Jalil. 

But, do keep a watch for H.W.C. who should be playing about 3pm on Saturday at Urbanscapes!


Also, if your free on the 21st of july, The Artistic Series will be having an Open Mic session entitled Free for all
All talents are welcomed, music, poetry, comedians, dancers and etc! 

It will be happening 9pm onwards at Comida Solaris Dutamas!D2-G3-1, Solaris Dutamas 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

See you guys there!

Alda | The Music Dude
Got a script? Got a poem? Getting a start on that novel? Or do you just love writing in general? EMP invites you to share your creative work with other like-minded people in a project to gather and encourage as many writers as we can to contribute, collaborate and share their ideas!

More after the jump or on www.facebook.com/electricmindsproject

EMP invites you to join LiveShocks, a friendly, laid back reading session where writers can have their work read, actors can have a chance to read some brand new material and directors can listen (for a change).

It's simple, really...

Liveshocks #19 is a place for writers started by writers! The next session is on 29 May at 8pm. More info after the jump.

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